Amazon Hires Ex-FTC Employees | Bye, Small & Light

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In the midst of a massive lawsuit threat, Amazon is reportedly poaching employees from the Federal Trade Commission. This move is not hard to understand as it may prove advantageous to the e-commerce giant.

But why did the employees happily jump ship?

Apparently, it’s a boss issue.


Shein Receives Backlash for Sending US Influencers to China

Fast fashion company Shein has been under fire recently after it invited American influencers to go to China to see its factory and left glowing social media reviews.

While the brand has evolved into a household name especially among Gen Zs, the issues surrounding its sustainability have not evaded public scrutiny. This is why both the company and the US-based influencers have been flooded with criticism online.

An Instagram post by one of the invited influencers drew flak from her followers.

The influencers traveled to Guangzhou in mid-June and toured Shein’s innovation center. The influencers showed how the manufacturing process worked and essentially shows the company in a good light.

This earned the ire of a lot of people who took their frustrations to social media and called the influencers out for promoting and taking Shein’s statements at face value.

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Amazon Top Terms

We're excited to bring you the latest scoop on the top trending terms from Amazon between June 18th and July 1st. Discover the hottest products and keywords that have been dominating the online shopping scene in the last two weeks!

In this week's Amazon top 10 terms, “prime day deals 2023” takes spot #4. This trending keyword indicates anticipation for the upcoming Prime Day event. 

Products related to this keyword have sold an impressive average of 2,942 daily units in the past two weeks. With exclusive deals on the horizon, shoppers are preparing to take advantage of the discounts during this highly anticipated event.

Likewise, for sellers, Prime Day represents a remarkable opportunity to showcase their products and boost sales and an enormous potential to drive their sales and reach a vast customer base.

No More Amazon Small and Light?

Amazon will be retiring the Small and Light Program in exchange for lower FBA rates.

In an announcement, Amazon explained that products enrolled in the program were provided with slower shipping speeds compared to the standard FBA. Now, in order for low-priced products to still get the normal shipping speeds, the company decided to lower the rates instead. Amazon defines low-priced items as those that cost below $10.

Aside from faster shipping, qualified products will also be exempted from the 2023 holiday peak fulfillment fees.

The changes will be implemented in the US this August 29.

TikTok Is Serious About E-Commerce

While content creators develop new trends, TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, is working on the robotics system that will fuel its e-commerce arm.

TikTok logo

There’s no exact form or number released yet, but there are about 50 employees working on the project. The technology will help ByteDance process future orders more efficiently. The company will also be looking into AI development next.

There’s no question that e-commerce brands can use TikTok to increase revenue, but will it be as successful as an actual e-commerce platform?

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