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Best Amazon Software of 2022

Product Research Category

Product Research Category

The winner of this category is… Helium 10. Congrats!

Helium 10 is one of the few tools in this category that has a variety of features that help Amazon sellers with a variety of tasks. Black Box, its native product research tool, allows for more insightful results. This feature includes data points that sellers will find useful when deciding which product to add to an existing brand.

PPC Management Category

The winner of this category is… Downstream by Jungle Scout. Congrats!

Another suite of tools and Downstream is part of the Jungle Scout family now. This PPC management tool is one of the best. Sellers have a full-funnel view of their Amazon business, including never-before-seen advertising insights, along with sales, pricing, competition, and more.

Reimbursement Service Category

The winner of this category is… KwickMetrics. Congrats!

Kwickmetrics is an online business tool, that provides a reimbursement feature for Amazon sellers. This service can help you find FBA errors and display cases that are eligible for claiming reimbursement and also provide sellers with reports that they can include as part of their claim when contacting Amazon’s Seller Central.

Repricing Tools Category

The winner of this category is… Feedvisor. Congrats!

Feedvisor is another repricing tool that allows sellers to reprice their Amazon inventory the way they want and whenever.

With advanced repricing algorithms, Feedvisor also helps established Amazon sellers that compete for the Buy Box at an optimal price for each item.

Product Launches Category

The winner of this category is… Jump Send by Jungle Scout. Congrats!

Jump Send is an Amazon product launch, email automation and promotion tool. Jump Send was integrated into Junglescout’s features and rebranded as “Launch” in 2019.

This tool helps to launch products by using promotional giveaways and getting more reviews. 

Keyword & Product Research​

The ability to conduct product and keyword research at whatever stage in your ecommerce journey is crucial.

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are still the kings of this category, with Helium 10 being the most popular at 28.8%. However, both of them took a hit this year, especially Helium 10, coming down from 34.2% last year.

PPC Management

Amazon is increasingly a pay-to-play marketplace. Managing PPC effectively (and keeping ACOS low) can be challenging when managing dozens or more ASINs. Software helps make this more manageable. Check out our free PPC guide for managing PPC effectively without software.

The majority of respondents do not use any PPC software, but for those who do, Downstream by Jungle Scout is the leading one.

Reimbursement Services

Reimbursement services help sellers recover money from Amazon for things such as lost inventory.

Many responders still don’t use a reimbursement service though, and if you’re one of these sellers, you’re flat-out leaving money on the table. Recovering money from Amazon is one of the most important things you can do as a seller.

KwickMetrics knocked it out of the park in this category, with 22.75% of the votes.

Repricing Tools

Repricing tools help sellers adjust their products’ prices automatically and keep the offer visible and in contention for the Buy Box.

Feedvisor is the most preferred option for those who use repricing tools, going from 11.1% last year to 18.8% in 2022.

Product Launches & Giveaways

Getting initial sales velocity for your products is critical. Maintaining it is equally as important. That’s why sellers use tools to help get product sales through product promotions.

Interestingly enough though, the majority of poll respondents are not using any product giveaway tool,  but those who do are suing Jump Send by Jungle Scout.

E485: The Winners of EcomCrew's 2022 Software Poll

In this episode, Dave and I will be revealing the winners (a couple of which you might not have expected) of last year’s survey to find out the Best Amazon Seller Software across five categories.

On top of that, we’ll be talking about the value of creating original content in light of recent industry trends, the significant shifts in software usage among sellers, and the future of the SaaS ecosystem.


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