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How to Import from China Quickly, Safely, & Cheaply (Mega Guide)

In this guide we will walk you through how to import your first products from China. We’ll walk you through the entire process including identifying good and bad products to import to sell on Amazon and other channels, finding good suppliers and weeding through the bad suppliers, and how to get your shipments from China cheaply and quickly. I’ve written this article with Amazon and ecommerce sellers in mind but even if you’re a traditional wholesaler or retailer you should get a lot of value out of this article.

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Episode 77: Doing Business In and With China – Part One

Hello, it’s Mike and Dave! This is our first official podcast together. We figured a good first episode was to compare notes about our experiences with doing business in and with China. Dave and I both import our products from China and for the most part, we’ve both had great results from it.

This topic will be a two-parter. Today we answer some questions about China. If you are thinking about getting into importing from China or any other foreign country,

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How to Avoid Crappy Products When Importing from China

In part 1 of this mini-series, I discussed how to avoid scams but I also emphasized that scams are incredibly rare when importing from China.

However, as rare as scams in China may be, poor quality products are equally as common. If you’re an Amazon seller, all of your efforts to try and get positive product reviews through things like email auto-responders and packaging inserts will be in vain if you have crappy quality products.

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The Ultimate Guide to Avoid Being Scammed on Alibaba and When Importing

One of the biggest fears new importers have is being scammed by a Supplier out of hundreds or thousands of dollars. The idea of wiring a bunch of money to some foreign bank account in China who they’ve never met or know barely anything about is scary. The good news is that scams are extremely rare originating in China and can be avoided almost entirely with just a bit of caution. The bad news is that there still countless people being scammed all the time often by making careless mistakes.

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Episode 66: Importing Insights With Dave Bryant of

The Ecom Crew Podcast welcomes guest Dave Bryant to this episode. Dave is an ecommerce veteran who shares his experience with us. Dave has been importing goods for 10 years now. He grew his business to 2 million and sold it.

He tells us how he did it and why he began his blog Chinese Importing. Dave has been doing business in China during 2008. So, he has some really useful information for new e commerce sellers and sellers who want to expand.

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Episode 25: Sourcing Inventory From China and US, Part Two

This is the second part to our importing and shipping series.  Last episode we discussed the benefits of going with domestic manufacturer and all the challenges that comes with that. Today we discuss the process of ordering and shipping from overseas.

When you get your shipment from overseas like from China you have two options you can go FOB (Free on Board) or EWX shipping. Free on Board is delivered to the airport or port and is loaded based on priority.

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Using Import Records to Find New Suppliers for Private Label Products

This past year, I’ve been using a new method to find new Suppliers – using public import records to find Suppliers. I’ve had extremely good success using this method to find high quality Suppliers with reasonable prices and who don’t actively solicit new clients.

What are public import records and how can you use these records to find new Suppliers? And why should you use this method opposed to other methods to find Suppliers?

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Part 1: Alibaba Unofficial Guide, Finding Suppliers

Alibaba, for better or worse, is the starting point (and often only point) for most individuals looking for products to import. There’s a temptation to equate Alibaba with other selling platforms we in the West are familiar with like eBay. But Alibaba is its own very unique monster and I’ll outline some basic tips and strategies for getting the most out of Alibaba.

Alibaba is Not Alibaba

Since their IPO, Alibaba has become more well known in the west.

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All About Patents and Trademarks (and Avoiding Infringement When Importing from China)

When China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, there were hopes that its title as the counterfeit capital of the world would be no more. However, if you have ever visited Nanjing Lu in Shanghai and purchased three “Rolex” watches for  under $20, you know counterfeit products are still a big problem in China.

In the West, respect for intellectual property like trademarks and patents is well ingrained in our culture.

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Choosing the Right Supplier to Private Label From

When you look for a Supplier in China, you should also be looking to build a long term relationship with them. If you build a long term relationship, you’re less likely to have problems, and more importantly, your Supplier will be more willing to find a solution to any problems. Too many new importers look only at price along with overstated promises and ignore all of the other details of a Supplier that can’t necessarily be found in a few emails back and forth.

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