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Episode 66: Importing Insights With Dave Bryant of

The Ecom Crew Podcast welcomes guest Dave Bryant to this episode. Dave is an ecommerce veteran who shares his experience with us. Dave has been importing goods for 10 years now. He grew his business to 2 million and sold it.

He tells us how he did it and why he began his blog Chinese Importing. Dave has been doing business in China during 2008. So, he has some really useful information for new e commerce sellers and sellers who want to expand.

Here are today’s points:

  • How Dave got started in ecommerce.
  • Why trade shows are valuable to ecommerce sellers.
  • The pros and cons of 3PLs.
  • The 3 things you should do to grow your profitability.
  • Dave’s opinion on Amazon and my opposing view.

Dave’s site teaches ecom sellers how to find good products in China and the process of packaging an Amazon worthy product. He is also offering a discount to Ecom Crew listeners for his course “Importing from China.” If you enter “ecomcrew” into the promo box during checkout you’ll get 25% off the course price.

Resources Mentioned Today:


Canton Fair


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