E109: My 2018 Goals

2018 just rolled in and there’s no better time to set goals for the fresh year than today. I think everyone should be doing something like this, as having clear and sharp goals keeps you from getting distracted by seemingly important but meaningless things. It helps you focus your time and resources on the things that truly matter.

I put together 18 goals (yes, I did 18 to be cheesy) that I’m going to work towards achieving this year. It’s a collection of goals for Terran (our holding company for ColorIt, IceWraps, Tactical, and WildBaby), for EcomCrew, and for my personal life as well.

Below are my 2018 goals (in no particular order) which I will explain in detail in today’s podcast:

  1. Develop 50 new products
  2. Launch on Amazon Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and eventually, Australia
  3. Optimize our Amazon listings to increase sales by 50%
  4. Improve PPC
  5. Implement the concepts in the book Traction in our business
  6. Reach $10 million in revenue with a 10% net profit
  7. Lose 12 lbs
  8. Record 100 episodes of the podcast
  9. Launch a new version of ecomcrew.com
  10. Launch 4 new courses
  11. Speak at at least 4 industry events
  12. Hike 80 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail
  13. Take an epic 2-week vacation
  14. Visit the Philippines office at least once
  15. Read 4 books (I know, I know… 4 books aren’t a lot but I’m not really a book reader so please don’t laugh at me)
  16. Hand off my Facebook ads to other people within the company
  17. Come up with at least one new tactic that no one else is doing
  18. Never lose sight of the bigger picture: create 5 star products that people will truly love and continue to enjoy what I’m doing

That’s a pretty long list; some of the items are harder than the others, but they’re all clear goals that will guide our efforts this year. What are your goals? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Resources mentioned:

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business
Under the Hood
ECF Live
Global Sources
Sellers Summit

EcomCrew Course

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