Creating a great launch strategy is key to being successful on Amazon. I interview an experienced Amazon PPC specialist who grew his enterprise into a seven-figure business through an Amazon launch strategy that played to his strengths and utilized some of the most helpful resources found on the platform itself.

Chris Nowak is the founder of My PPC Pal, a tool that helps ecommerce business owners get on top of their PPC campaigns. In this episode, he talks about his own Amazon launch strategy and how it can help put your brand and its specific products out there.

Once the products have been ordered, he prepares the content that goes into his listings. He employs the services of a professional copywriter to write the titles and product descriptions. A professional photographer is also brought in to shoot high-quality product images.

Here are the specifics steps for Chris’s Amazon launch strategy:

  1. Build a great listing. Use the main keywords that appear in your product titles and descriptions.
  2. Set up Amazon Giveaway. Enable the feature on your product listings (via the FBA settings) and promote giveaways on social media platforms.
  3. Tap into the Early Reviewer Program. Five reviews for $60.
  4. Craft your Amazon PPC campaign. Look for a ton of keywords and gradually prune them so you’re left with the best possible keyword combinations.

My PPC Pal is a great tool to use if you want to effectively manage your Amazon PPC campaign. Sign up for the one-month free trial and get a 15% lifetime discount on your purchase when you use the code ECOMCREW.

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Thanks for listening to this episode! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Happy selling!