In this episode, I sat down for lunch with “Paid Traffic Guy” himself – Dave Huss. Dave helps online entrepreneurs bring in new customers by leveraging paid traffic and using retargeting to recover lost sales through Growth Scout. He’s also an ecommerce entrepreneur with brands in the arts and crafts niche that have a massive following on their Facebook business pages.

And this was the focal point of our conversation. Dave gamely shared how he was able to leverage Facebook as a marketing platform for his products. His brands’ business pages have 150,000 and 90,000 fans respectively.

Here are Dave’s best tips for building a following on Facebook and creating consistent engagement with the target audience.

  • Figure out who your actual customers are. Create an avatar that embodies the key characteristics of your target demographic.
  • Identify the “places”(e.g. social media platforms) they’re hanging out in.
  • Find a model for your own social media campaign. Take a look at your competitors, focus on brands that aren’t that well known but have a strong social media following. See which aspects of their strategy can be applied to your own campaign.                                                    
  • Test your products on your best-engaged fans, the people that care about what you’re doing. Aim to reach the same people on multiple channels – social media, email etc.
  • Run like campaigns.
  • Spend time creating and curating engaging content.
  • Build a content library using a scheduling tool like MeetEdgar to ensure that you have posts that are constantly in rotation.
  • Incorporate videos in your social media posts. If you don’t have the capability to create your own videos, look for cool and relevant ones on tools like Buzzsumo.

At the end of the day, Dave reminds us that “…The Facebook page is not really for selling stuff. I really want to put that point across especially for Amazon sellers…The Facebook page is for building trust and engagement with your ideal customer…”

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