Meghla Bhardwaj is the Head of Content Marketing at Global Sources and organizer of the Global Sources Summit. The summit is one that I really love, and for this year Dave and I will both be speaking at the event.

Meghla has been on the podcast a couple of times talking about sourcing from China specifically through Global Sources, but this time our topic is different.

Sourcing from India

With the ongoing China trade war and the uncertainty of the future of tariffs for Chinese products, alternative sourcing countries have become more and more popular. One country that’s been getting more attention is India.

Compared with sourcing from China though, there is a void of information about sourcing from India. In this episode Meghla discusses the ins and outs of sourcing from India, more specifically:

  • Advantages for Amazon sellers
  • Products and categories India excels in
  • Quality of the products compared to those made in China
  • Payment terms and lead times
  • Logistics
  • India trade shows
  • Navigating India with/without a guide

If you want to know more about sourcing from India or Global Sources, you can reach out to Meghla at

Buy product samples instantly

Meghla also introduces a new feature that lets buyers get product samples right on the Global Sources website.

Skip the long email back-and-forth and low MOQ negotiation–buy your product samples instantly (price includes shipping) and test them before making a bulk order. Check out this new feature.

Global Sources Summit discount

This year’s summit will be on April 27th to 29th in Hong Kong and Dave and I will be speaking there.

Meghla was kind enough to hook us up with a  sweet discount for EcomCrew listeners. Just use the code ECC100 when you purchase your ticket to get $100 off.

EcomCrew Mastermind

We’re organizing our 2nd annual mastermind right before the Global Sources summit so if you’ll be in Hong Kong on April 26th, this will be the perfect opportunity to come hang out.

Whether you’re making a trip to the Canton Fair or Global Sources for the first time ever or you’re a frequent visitor to China this mastermind will be of incredible value to you.

We’ve designed this mastermind to be an intimate meeting of less than 30 people, so check it out before seats run out.


Thanks for listening to this episode!

Until the next one, happy selling.