As ecommerce sellers we ultimately want to be seen. That’s why we spend ungodly chunks of money on Amazon PPC, Facebook ads, and Google Adwords and Shopping. But what happens if those paid traffic channels become unavailable?

Christian Gravel of Grower Scrog Nets is facing this problem. He has developed a product that helps people grow good cannabis more easily in their homes, and with more states legalizing cannabis, it seems like a viable product. However, marketing for products in this niche is very challenging as there’s not exactly a Facebook audience fit for it. On top of that, ad platforms like Facebook and Youtube regulate ads for this niche very heavily.

Building authority in his niche is essential if he wants to be seen, especially since paid ads is not an option. In this episode Christian and I discuss how to most effectively do this.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get people to spread the word for you
  • What the ultimate purpose of every blog post should be
  • How to practice writing overwhelmingly great content
  • The 6 essential parts of a great blog post

Christian and first I met when he joined the 5 Minute Pitch. Watch his entire pitch here.

Thanks for listening! Until the next one, happy selling.