Dave and I always liken our Asia trip planning to a tumor – it starts small at first but as the travel dates get closer and closer, the anxiety gets bigger and bigger.

We love going to Asia, especially Hong Kong, but there are little idiosyncrasies that make the trip a pain in the rear end. One of these is the internet and everyone who’s been to China knows what I mean.

That’s why Dave and I decided to sit and talk about our upcoming Asia trip. We’ll be talking about our plans and itineraries and tips and strategies to make the trip a lot less stressful. If you’re heading to Asia yourself, you’ll find these tips invaluable.

Some conversation points:

  • How to get fast internet in China without using a VPN
  • The best way to improve your relationship with your manufacturer
  • The importance of meeting up with your remote staff
  • Hong Kong mastermind

If you’ll be in Hong Kong on the 26th, you’re free to join us in a meetup we’re doing in the evening. Send us an email to [email protected] to let us know you’re coming.

Thanks for listening! Until the next one, happy selling.