This Under the Hood guest is someone our Premium members would know. Fabio Molle was on one of our private webinars last month to talk about strategies he used to grow his brand’s Instagram following to more than 200k followers.

Fabio is the owner of Functional Tennis, a company that sells match journals to aspiring athletes and enthusiasts alike. While the brand is taking off on this particular social media platform, that success hasn’t necessarily translated to a profit boost.

The match journal is a good consumable product. Unfortunately, tennis is what you’d call “a niche within a niche” so marketing using conventional channels is out of the question.

I brainstormed with Fabio on possible routes he could take to generate more interest in this product. Here are some takeaways.

  • Instead of going the Amazon route, go to the grassroots level.
  • Capitalize on social media channels by adding more content.
  • A free course can be a great lead magnet because it adds value and can create relationships with people. If those people want to learn more, you can then offer paid content.
  • Google Shopping is an asset you’d want to build long term.

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