Avid listeners would have heard me mention Mia, our PH office director, in this podcast time and again. She is our rock and, through dedication and impressive skills, has single-handedly grown our team from one or two VAs to 9 full-time employees.

Mia made her debut on the podcast on episode 142. Back then, she and I talked about her experience with transitioning from a virtual assistant to a managerial role, and how the team she’s formed has been doing.  

Two years later, we’ve got more people on board and looking to add some new talent to the roster. I caught up with her again to chat about the biggest changes that have happened to date. These include:

  • Changes to the organizational structure – employees are now working on dedicated brands
  • The ColorIt sale and its impact
  • Letting go of three employees on the same day due to performance issues

Tune in to the full episode for a glimpse into Mia’s headspace as she navigates the Philippine team through all the new and exciting things in store for the company this year and beyond.

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