Each year since starting Terran, I make it a point to travel to the Philippines to visit our team there. If you’ve been following the podcast since day one, you’d have heard me mention Cebu a couple of times. That’s where our team is located and every year, I would make the journey to touch base with them in person.

Working with employees on the opposite side of the world is challenging. The time difference and slow internet in the Philippines are just some things you need to deal with. But I am truly grateful for the team that we’ve got. Not only are they able to overcome these challenges, but are able to produce stellar work that exceeds my expectations.

There has been so much growth over the past two years. We had three employees to start with and now our Cebu office is home to 10 full-time employees, each making a significant contribution to the brand they work for.

Get to know a little bit about our talented and hardworking team members in Cebu when you listen to this podcast.

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