For many up-and-coming businesses, a Kickstarter campaign is a way to fund the cost of manufacturing a product by generating interest for it.

It’s a pretty straightforward goal but there’s so much work that goes into a campaign leading up to the actual launch date. But, as today’s podcast guest will tell you, it can all be worth it.

Meet Caleb

Those of you who’ve dabbled in creating videos for YouTube might have come across Caleb Wojcik. Also known as the DIY Video Guy, Caleb is known for his video production courses and his collaborations with well-known influencers.

And it is one of these collaborations with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income that’s brought him here today.

The Switchpod

Being vloggers themselves, Caleb and Pat knew the importance of having a sturdy handheld tripod. So they came up with Switchpod, a product that could rival the more popular GorillaPod in terms of ease of use and flexibility. They knew right away that they would need a platform that will fund those aluminum alloy molds and help them recoup the $30,000 spent to launch Switchpod.

Getting into Kickstarter

Caleb and Pat launched Switchpod’s Kickstarter campaign on January 29, 2019. Their goal was to raise $100,000 within a 60-day period, something they were able to do in less than a day.

How did they do this? Listen as Caleb takes us behind-the-scenes on how they were able to come up with such an effective Kickstarter campaign.


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