Dave’s joining me on the podcast today as we drill down on our business numbers. 

In this episode, I’ll be breaking down the trailing 30-day figures for my biggest brand, IceWraps. Meanwhile, Dave will talk about the latest statistics for his current business, Offroading Gear.

We cover Amazon sales and the big-ticket items on our COGS.

You’ll want to skip the part where I slipped on one of the boardwalks while doing the West Coast Trail (boring story) and dive right into the good parts of today’s episode. 

Here are the timestamps to guide you:

  • How Pat Flynn influenced this episode (6:51)
  • Latest numbers for IceWraps (7:28)
  • Latest numbers for Offroading Gear (8:55)
  • Adding the cost of tariffs (9:55)
  • What makes up these costs (13:55)

I hope you found that deep dive into each of our business’s numbers informative and helpful. If you’d like to hear more content like this, please leave us a comment below. 

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