Welcome to E331 of the EcomCrew Podcast! In this episode, we have a husband-and-wife duo who share their ecommerce journey with us.

Deeanne and Garret Akerson had full-time jobs and two small kids when they first recognized the need to make high-quality and comfortable clothing for pregnant and lactating mothers. Born out of the desire to make motherhood easier, they made it their business’ mission to provide moms with a great selection of clothes that are both functional and stylish.

In this episode, we talk about:

    • How Deeanne and Garret started Kindred Bravely – 3:45
    • How they dealt with existing brands who offered the same products – 7:30
    • How they got their first reviews – 9:30
    • Turning customer suggestions into best selling products – 10:20
    • Quitting their jobs to do the business full-time – 15:18
    • Their secret sauce – 19:35
    • How Kindred Bravely got their first award – 25:07
    • Their experience with some of the top financial mentors – 29:00
    • Dealing with the winters of the business – 28:40
    • Vanity metrics – 31:30
    • Employing a team to focus on what they do best – 34:25

Check out Deeanne and Garret’s business, Kindred Bravely. 

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