For most ecommerce sellers, the end goal is to build a solid brand and eventually sell your business. But that’s often easier said than done, and I’ve heard a lot of nightmare stories. 

That being said, Lesley Johnson has an entirely different experience, having just sold her business at 3.6x without any serious headache whatsoever.

Today, I’ll be talking to Lesley about how she got into ecommerce, what EcomCrew Premium meant for her brand’s growth, and the process of selling her business from start to finish.

Lesley also shares how much she’s learned in the process and her plans of putting her expanded knowledge base to good use. 

If you’re in the process of selling your business or are considering that option down the road, definitely give this episode a listen. 


  • How Lesley got into ecommerce – 3:40
  • What made Lesley join EcomCrew Premium – 12:35
  • How Premium helped her easily sell her business – 18:31
  • What made Lesley decide to sell her business – 22:54
  • Why she exited instead of growing her company – 24:44
  • How the deal was structured – 28:48
  • Lesley’s key takeaway after successfully selling her business – 34:13

I wanna thank Lesley for coming on the show and sharing her experience with us. I’m sure our listeners got a lot of value from her insights. Definitely looking forward to hearing about her next projects soon.

We talked a bit about EcomCrew Premium in this episode. Registrations are closed at the moment (Get notified when it opens), but we do have tons of free stuff you can check out, including our upcoming webinar on Simple and Automated Product Launches, where Ian Sells will teach you how to successfully launch new and old products in just 10 minutes. 

That’s on June 16 at 10AM (PST). Be sure to save your slot.

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Until the next one, happy selling!