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You might already be familiar with Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer. It gives you real Amazon search data, unlike the estimates given by third-party apps.

The Explorer just got a major update, and it now lets you see your competitors’ keyword data.

Here's how to do it.


Prime Day 2023 Is the Biggest to Date

The latest Prime Day raked in $12.7 billion in revenue, representing a 6.2% sales increase compared to last year.

The CEO of Amazon Stores said in a press release that the first day in the two-day sales event was the largest so far in Amazon’s history.

One of the reasons is there are more deals during this Prime Day compared to any past events.

But it’s not the only contributing factor.


Get Your Listing Professionally Optimized—for Free!

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Normally, they just offer a free listing analysis. 

This time, however, one of you will get a free listing optimization (originally valued at more than $1,000). The winner will be chosen by the end of the month.

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Amazon Top Terms

Let's dive into the past two weeks and check out Amazon's top 10 search terms that blew up between July 2 and July 15. We're going to uncover some awesome insights about the terms that are making big bucks on Amazon!

In this week's Amazon top 10 terms, the keywords “prime day deals today 2022” and “prime day deals of the day today only clearance” have taken the spotlight as Prime Day approached. 

This event has sparked a massive surge in sales, with product-related keyword sales skyrocketing from 23 units per day to an incredible 6,051 units per day over the past two weeks.

Temu Files Suit Against Shein

Shortly after Shein went under fire for a controversial campaign using American influencers, it now faces another challenge—this time, the court is involved.

Temu, the fast-rising marketplace that recently made its entrance in the US market, is suing the fashion company for allegedly violating US antitrust laws.

According to the complaint, instead of offering better prices and quality, Shein “has undertaken a Scheme” in order to “protect and expand its power in the United States ultra-fast fashion market.”

Temu alleges that Shein intimidated and threatened clothing manufacturers which forces them to not engage in deals with the former. Temu also said in an email that Shein imposes fines to manufacturers who worked with them.

The two platforms are currently “at war” to gain the American market. Shein specializes in fast fashion, while Temu sells products in other categories.

UPS Is Planning to Strike

More than 340,000 workers are planning to strike after negotiations with UPS failed to result in amicable terms regarding wage increases for part-time workers.

On average, UPS is responsible for more than 24 million deliveries daily. This means that the strike, which will probably occur on August 1, will affect millions of deliveries, including those of e-commerce businesses who rely on the shipping company. This includes companies like Amazon, Apple, eBay, and Etsy.

However, according to an Amazon spokesperson, the e-commerce giant is not expecting a significant impact on deliveries from the UPS strike. This is because the company has decreased its reliance on UPS over the past years, relying more heavily on its own logistics network.

But despite the waning dependence, about 8% of Amazon deliveries are still done through UPS, especially for customers who are living in the rural areas.

According to a study, the planned strike could be one of the costliest in at least a century, potentially costing $7 billion if the work stoppage reaches 10 days.

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