Gorilla ROI Review 2024: Features & Pricing

Sellers on Amazon are continually searching for tools to simplify their processes and improve their sales performance. That's where Gorilla ROI steps into the picture. Gorilla ROI is a software designed specially for Amazon sellers, offering insights into FBA inventory and sales data.

In this article, we share our experience using Gorilla ROI for things like linking your Amazon account to Google Sheets to track your inventory or PPC, discussing its pricing, and whether it’s suitable for your business.

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What is Gorilla ROI?

Gorilla ROI is an API tool in which you can easily get Amazon data right in your Google Sheets using formulas.

How does it work? Well, Gorilla ROI connects with your Amazon Seller FBA Inventory using a spreadsheet. Just like that, you're plugged into all the key info.

Data available for import includes inventory levels, units sold over any period, total sales over any period, Buy Box prices and lowest offered pricing on listings.

How Can Gorilla ROI Help Amazon Sellers?

Gorilla ROI makes handling your Amazon FBA data easy by helping you keep tabs on all the important stuff. 

With Gorilla ROI you can access any major information from your Amazon seller account. This API tool lets you easily check various details about your inventory, like where it is, its status, and even incoming shipments. It breaks down everything, from total inventory to what's in the warehouse, what's ready to be shipped, what is unsellable or reserved, and more.

Gorilla ROI Sheet
Gorilla ROI linked up with an Amazon seller FBA Inventory via a spreadsheet.

But it's not just about inventory. With Gorilla ROI, you can effortlessly peek into your sales data, whether you want to see today's sales, yesterday's, or the past 7 days. Any sales data slides in any way you can imagine.

Gorilla ROI Sheet
Gorilla ROI linked up with an Amazon seller sales via a spreadsheet.

And the details keep coming. You can dive into your inventory specifics, like dimensions, weight, and storage fees. 

Additionally, it's got your back when it comes to PPC since it includes a PPC data integration— you can track anything related to PPC.

Gorilla ROI has many ways to track your Amazon account, covering everything from tracking inventory aging to checking your PPC data's performance. It's got almost everything from your Amazon Seller Dashboard, except for a couple of things (like inventory at AWD), but they're likely to add this feature soon since Amazon is pushing harder to use Amazon Warehousing and Distribution (AWD)

So, if you can see it on your Amazon Seller Dashboard, you can pretty much find it on Gorilla ROI.

Gorilla ROI Features For Your Amazon Business

Here are some of the key features:

  • Automatic Data Updates: Gorilla ROI automatically updates your Google Sheets with the most recent Amazon data, so you don’t need to manually update it.
  • Customized Reports: Create custom reports in Google Sheets that match what you need for your business, which will help you understand your sales better without getting. 
  • Data Analysis: Use real-time data to see what's happening in your sales numbers, and make smarter decisions quickly based on it.
  • Formulas: You can apply many Google Sheets ROI formulas.

Gorilla ROI has various ready-to-use spreadsheet templates that cover different parts of selling on Amazon, like keeping track of your stuff, analyzing sales, and monitoring profits. 

These templates will help you get started fast, with all the formulas you need already set up. Additionally, they provide guides on how to use the Google Sheet functions.

Gorilla ROI Plans & Pricing

The software's pricing depends on your order volume, and there's no free trial available but you can test the add-on for free using their self demo.

Pricing is based on the monthly order volume.

For small to medium sellers, dealing with under 15,000 orders monthly and 1 to 3 Amazon accounts, here are the options:

Plan Starter Pro Mega
Price $97 per month $147 per month $247 per month
Orders included 1,000 orders 6,000 orders 15k orders

For large Amazon sellers, overseeing over 30,000 orders monthly. Pricing is determined by the total monthly order volume, here are the options:

Plan Enterprise 30k Enterprise 50k Enterprise 70k Enterprise 100k
Price $347 per month $497 per month $597 per month $797 per month
Orders included 30k orders 50k orders 70K ORDERS 100K orders

You can include optional upgrades to every plan, such as reimbursement data plan, template package and white-glove onboarding setup. The price will depend on the plan you choose. 

  For small sellers For large sellers
Reimbursement Data Plan From $49 to $99 per month From $199 to $399 per month
Template Package $99 one-time payment $199 one-time payment
White Glove Setup Service $500 one-time payment $1000 one-time payment

Pros and Cons of Using Gorilla ROI

Here’s a list of the perks and drawbacks of Gorilla ROI:


  • Get all your Amazon seller central data into Google Sheets without having to generate, download, clean up and find the data you need.
  • Google Sheets are user-friendly.
  • It has practically all the functions and access to all the data you need to run an Amazon business.
  • Unlimited ASINs
  • Unlimited users
  • Free templates included
  • All Amazon marketplaces are supported
  • Improved decision-making
  • Time and resource optimization
  • Email support


  • It doesn’t show AWD seller’s inventory data.
  • Gorilla ROI relies on specific Amazon elements. If Amazon removes elements, Gorilla will lose access to this data.
  • Google Sheets doesn’t handle large datasets.
  • Costly.

FAQs About Gorilla ROI for Amazon Sellers

Can You Connect Multiple Marketplaces?

Your account automatically links all marketplaces.

Can Gorilla ROI Link Different Amazon Seller Accounts?

Yes, Gorilla ROI can manage data from multiple Amazon Seller accounts.

How Many SKUs Can You Add?

With Gorilla ROI, you get limitless SKUs for all your accounts, regardless of the plan you choose.

Does Gorilla Also Work With FBM?

Yes, Gorilla ROI is compatible with FBM.

Does Gorilla Have Access to AWD Data?

No, it doesn’t have access to AWD for now.

Final Thoughts

Gorilla ROI is the go-to Google Sheets tool for Amazon sellers, especially for those aiming to leverage their Amazon data in Google Sheets for operational efficiency and sales growth. 

With seamless integration and ready-made formulas, it proves invaluable for sellers who rely on spreadsheets for Amazon operations and analysis.

However, if your budget is a bit limited, this is a costly tool, but keep in mind that in the long run, it will help you identify areas where you may be losing money, providing substantial benefits in return.

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