Jungle Scout Promises Instant Results With New AI Amazon Listing Creator

Jungle Scout has officially joined the AI craze, announcing the launch of AI Assist.

AI Assist is an artificial intelligence powered integration with a feature called Listing Builder, which generates content for Amazon listings within just a few clicks. The new feature is based on OpenAI’s model and it uses Jungle Scout’s list of relevant and competitive Amazon keywords to generate copy for Amazon listings—including the listing title, description, and other information.

Jungle Scout is a staple all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers, and it could solidify its market share even more with the addition of AI to its suite of seller tools. It is a consistent entry in EcomCrew’s annual survey of the best software for Amazon sellers, particularly coming out on top in terms of PPC management. 

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Product listing optimization is one of the most critical drivers of success for Amazon sellers. It ensures higher ranking in search results and increased product discoverability. That being said, according to EcomCrew’s research, listing optimization is also a top pain point for Amazon sellers. The new AI-powered feature is thus expected to enable sellers to bypass a lot of steps in listing creation and automate the challenging task of crafting killer listings to drive conversions. 

Initial reactions view AI Assist as beneficial in idea generation and creating a bedrock for listing copy. Jungle Scout also pitches it as a huge time saver and that it removes language barriers for non English speaking sellers who want to connect with English online shoppers.

With the new tool, sellers or their offshore VAs can refine and optimize the AI-generated copy as needed, instead of creating it themselves from scratch or from a dated template. Additionally it generates ideas for product descriptions and benefits that are based on Jungle Scout’s existing database, which includes popular keywords used by competitors. 

AI Assist extends the growing list of AI tools that have made waves over the past few months, with many Amazon sellers now relying on various AI tools to optimize their listings and maximize sales. Some use cases include ChatGPT for writing listing copy and even keyword research, Persado for personalized and automated marketing campaigns, and Midjourney for generating image ideas for products and promotional assets. 

Stephen Curial, Chief Technology Officer at Jungle Scout, believes that “AI will become more powerful over time and play a greater role in ecommerce. As the technology evolves, it will offer shoppers better support and a seamless experience personalized to their unique preferences and needs.” 

As of writing, the waitlist for Listing Builder AI Assist is currently only available in beta to all Professional Plan users, but a waitlist is open for when it becomes available to other plans. 

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The integration of AI into ecommerce platforms is rapidly growing, with more and more companies turning to AI to enhance their business processes. AI-powered tools can help businesses make more informed decisions, automate tedious tasks, and improve customer experience. Analysts believe it will soon be a staple component of running an ecommerce business. 

AI has already started to shake up various industries, from web content, to graphic design, and now to product listing optimization and marketing. While these shiny new AI tools empower sellers by saving them time and suggesting pre-optimized copy, its long-term effects on the general ecommerce system remains to be seen.

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