This Amazon Brand Makes $340,000 With Only One Product

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Nature's Wild Berry is a startup that sells “miracle berries” to help sour food taste sweet. Recently, the founders appeared on Shark Tank and claimed to make over $340,000 in sales and $50,000 in profit all by selling on Amazon—and with only one product.

Do their numbers add up? We did our own research, and the results may surprise you.

Here's what you need to know.


Introducing: Emmazon

Established Amazon sellers often have a dedicated team of creatives who work on regularly optimizing their listings. If you’re lucky enough, you will find a couple of great employees or freelancers who can effectively increase your conversions.

But if you don’t want to rely on luck, give the task to Emma and her team.

Even if you’re still unsure about whether you really need their services, they’ll still look at your listing free of charge.

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Amazon Top Terms

The term “Abraham Verghese books” has become a trending keyword on Amazon this week, ranking as the 4th top term on the platform. Over the past two weeks, sales for this product have risen through the roof, seeing a jump from 92 units per day to 872 units per day.

Amazon top terms May 2023

The surge in sales for this keyword on Amazon can be attributed to the popularity of Verghese's new novel, “The Covenant of Water.” This book received media attention through interviews and book reviews.

The increase in sales for Abraham Verghese’s books showcases the power of media exposure and word-of-mouth advertising in shaping consumer behavior.

Some Prime Members Are Now Paid to Pick Up Their Orders

Amazon popularized fast door-to-door shipping. But in an attempt to cut costs while offering an incentive to its customers at the same time, it’s now giving some Prime members the option to pick up their own orders in exchange for $10.

Not all Prime members were given the offer, but the company is expected to make the choice available to more customers.

Prime members who order at least $25 worth of items on the site can pick up their packages at retail locations like Whole Foods, Kohl’s, and Amazon Fresh.

This move may lessen the incidences of porch piracy, but there may be concerns about damaged items, especially if the customer isn’t too careful in transporting the packages.

Amazon packages in front of a door

Amazon Sells Toys and Clothing Using Video Games

A survey reveals that gamers spend on average about $76 per month on gaming. It seems like Amazon wants to take a bite of the apple by allowing players to purchase physical game-related items, such as stuffed toys and shirts, without leaving their gaming platform.

They aptly call this feature Amazon Anywhere.

With this program, video game makers can sell goods directly to players through their platforms, essentially making them a more interactive e-commerce site.

Amazon Expands Europe Operations

Despite an uptick in Amazon laying off employees, the company’s plan to open more warehouses in Europe will push through. Currently, Amazon has 70 fulfillment centers, but its vice president of global operations for North America and Europe, Stefano Perego, claims the number of fulfillment centers to open in the coming months will be contingent on customer demand. 

The decision was made to increase efficiency in fulfilling orders and experimenting with automation processes. However, this doesn’t mean Amazon will go full AI and abandon hiring employees

More Walmart Stores Expected to Close by Year’s End

Despite 2022 seeing the second-largest increase in new jobs in the history of the country, Walmart will continue to shut down operations in different locations across the United States.  

As per World Of Statistics, Walmart still ranks number one in the world in terms of employees despite their ongoing layoffs. The data found that they have over 2,300,000 employees, which is 759,000 more than Amazon which ranked second.

photo of one of Walmart's stores in the USA

It makes complete sense that Walmart continues to close some of its locations, especially stores with lower traffic and income. According to this blog, Walmart will close 22 more stores by the end of the year and the states that will be affected include Arkansas, Florida, and Georgia.

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