You Need to Switch to GA4— It Only Takes 2 Minutes

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Because of privacy concerns and the need for more advanced tracking, Google is switching to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) by July.

While this comes with some inconveniences and will cause you to lose access to a few familiar metrics, you should absolutely make the switch.

Don't worry. It won't take long.


Get Your Amazon Refunds with GETIDA

If you’ve been doing FBA for sometime now, you probably have some money missing that Amazon hasn’t reimbursed yet. The problem is, you might never see this money again unless you do a thorough audit.

But where do you start?

You can do the dirty work yourself, file multiple claims, and follow up on them on your own. But why do that when you can go to GETIDA and have a team of professionals who specialize in FBA auditing and reimbursements who will do these for you?

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Canadian Tax Authority Wants 6 Years’ Worth of Shopify Merchant Records

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is asking Shopify to provide them with information about their merchants for the past 6 years.

Logo of Shopify on a building
Shopify sign on their headquarters building in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Unsurprisingly, Shopify CEO Tobias Lutke thinks this is a “lowekey overreach” and promised to fight the request.

So what’s the report for?

The CRA says it will be using the information to identify non-compliant taxpayers and to verify if they have truthfully reported their income and satisfied their filing obligations.

The agency will need a court authorization for this though, and both parties are going to seek a hearing on the subject matter in 2024.

Ready for a 2-Week Trip to India?

You may have been importing from China for years now just like us. But it’s time to explore another country for product sourcing in person.

Join us in India this October 10 to 17 and see what the country has to offer importers. We’ll attend trade shows, visit factories, have masterminds, and hang out in a 5-star hotel with other entrepreneurs.

And because we’re excited to see our subscribers in person, we’re slashing $300 off the ticket price and throwing in a full year of EcomCrew Premium subscription.

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Will TikTok Shop Be Successful in the US?

Love it or hate it, TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most successful social media apps today. But will it be a big e-commerce platform as well?

This question may be answered soon as the ByteDance-owned app might be officially launching its online retail store as early as next month. The shop is expected to feature TikTok’s own product line from Chinese manufacturers.

The company’s move is far from unique since in-app shopping has long been a thing in other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. However, it can potentially become big in the US, considering there are already 150 million Americans using the app. TikTok also has a track record of making products go viral to the point of being sold out.

Amazon and other online marketplaces can still rest easy though. Based on reports, TikTok Shop hasn’t been able to gain that much traction in Western markets unlike in Asia.

Amazon Top Terms

Let's dive in and uncover the surge in popularity of Amazon's top 10 search terms from June 4th to 17th and let's find out why these keywords are making big bucks on Amazon!

Amazon Top Terms June 4th to 17th
Amazon Top Terms June 4th to 17th

In this week's Amazon top 10 terms, one keyword that stands out is “mosquito dunks 20 pack.” 

Over the past two weeks, the sales of this product have experienced a significant surge, skyrocketing from 453 units per day to an impressive 1,640 units per day.

The summer market for summer products presents an exciting opportunity for Amazon sellers to boost their sales and connect with customers seeking summer-related solutions.

Shopify Collabs Launches in the UK

Shopify Collabs allows brands to reach out to content creators, send them products, and pay them in one convenient platform. It’s easier to vet creators, set commissions, and essentially run an affiliate program for your Shopify store.

The software was launched in the United States last year but has expanded to the United Kingdom this week.

Shopify Collabs is not only helpful to businesses who want to increase their brand awareness. The company also points out that it helps influencers earn from doing what they’re passionate about.

After a brand installs Collabs and makes its store discoverable, verified creators can then look through the offers and decide if they want to promote the products. Essentials like discount codes and affiliate links are automatically provided. Brands can even set up autopayments for the creators’ commissions.

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