You must have found your way here because you listened to a podcast episode I did about my recent horrendous ordeal with AT&T. If not, you either experienced the same thing yourself and wanted to verify that it’s not just you, or you just want to torture yourself. Whatever your reason for ending up here, below are the links to the 2 phone calls I had with AT&T:

AT&T First Call (58 minutes, 4 seconds)
AT&T Second Call (41 minutes, 27 seconds)

Bear in mind that these are just 2 out of many calls I had with them over a 2-month period trying to resolve one issue. Their system is seriously flawed and it seems like no one knows what the other employee is doing. Add to that the fact that they don’t seem to care about their customers’ time, as evidenced by how many calls I had to make and how many hours in total I was put on hold.

The sad thing is if you don’t call, whatever problem you have with them will never be resolved. I can’t help but think that maybe AT&T adopted a new problem-solving strategy: ignore whatever the problem is and hope it goes away.

Do you agree with me? What’s your worst AT&T experience? Comment down below.