The above figures are gross revenue figures taken from the channels we sell in (predominantly Amazon but also Shopify and eBay as well). These figures are not subtracted for returns, selling fees, etc. Our net profit on each brand ranged from 3.9% to +13.6% in 2021. When we launch a brand, our margins are often negative for some period of time. We show our numbers for the sake of transparency and curiosity. Revenues not equal profit nor do they even closely resemble profit. Revenue is Vanity and Profits are Sanity.

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Monthly Income Report

Get a month by month break down of brand revenue and get to know what's working and not working each month.

Ecommerce Brands That We've Sold

Over the years we've sold exited multiple ecommerce brands. Here's a list of some of the brands as well as detailed podcasts and blog posts explaining the process.

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