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Finding, sourcing, and producing amazing products is only half the battle. Once you have them landing... you have to sell!

Part 1: How to Start Selling on Amazon FBA – Opening an Account and Listing Your Product

Until I sold my company recently, one of the things I’ve taken for granted is the entire process of actually selling on Amazon. I never had to think about opening an Amazon account, setting up and adding a new product, figuring out bar codes, and so on. I had this all set up from years of selling on Amazon. Now that I’m in the process of starting from scratch (the Amazon accounts went with the business I sold) I see how challenging it can be.

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I sold my Company for $867,000- And How You Can Sell Your Private Label/Ecommerce Company

On October 27, 2016 I sold my private label/ecommerce company which I had run for nearly 8 years for $867,000.

In this article I want to give a detailed account of the entire sales process of selling an ecommerce and private label company. There’s a huge lack of information available on this subject. In fact, if it wasn’t for a blog post three years ago from Andrew Youderian (who has since become a friend of mine) on selling his business,

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Amazon Fees are Increasing A LOT in 2017 -How Will it Impact You?

In case you missed it,  Amazon is increasing FBA fees for 2017 in nearly all areas of billable fees, including shipping and storage fees.

It’s no surprise that Amazon is raising fees but the amount is more than inflationary – most fees are going up 10%+ and some are going up 50%+. Whenever a company announces fee increases they always like to paint their increases in the most rosy manner possible to hide the true extent of the increases. 

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Amazon Suspension: How to Appeal (and Win) an Amazon Account Suspension

Alien invasion. Hatchet wielding zombies. Donald Trump as president. None of these strike us much fear into most of us as the thought of having our Amazon account suspended. Yet each year many sellers, even exceptional sellers, go through this very thing.

In this article I’ll discuss the types of Amazon Suspensions you may face as a Seller and also how to have your suspension lifted.

Types of Amazon Suspensions

In my experience,

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How to Sell on and Import Products into Canada

Guess what Amazon FBA sellers – if you’re selling via FBA on, Amazon by default does not list your products in the second largest state in the USA. That’s right- your products are not eligible to be purchased by over 35 million consumers. This state is of course none other than Canada.

OK, Canada being the 51st state is about as cliched of a Canada joke as you can get. But in all seriousness,

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How to Get Your Shipments from China to Amazon FBA

This is probably one of the most common questions I hear nowadays: how do I get my shipments from China to Amazon FBA?

While shipping products from China to Amazon warehouses isn’t incredibly difficult, it’s also slightly more complex than asking your Supplier to stick a UPS label on a product and send it to a single Amazon warehouse. In this post I’ll discuss the different ways you can get your products to Amazon FBA distribution centers.

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How to Get More Sales of Your Private Label Products with AdWords

In a recent Blog post I chronicled how I erroneously wasted $1500 on a Google Adwords Express ad campaign. But Adwords Express aside, the real deal Adwords is an extremely powerful advertising platform. Third party channels aside, Adwords is easily my company’s biggest advertising expenditure each month. After ensuring your products are listed on Amazon, setting up a Google Adwords account is probably the most important thing you can do if selling your products online.

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How I Lost Over $1500 in 2 Weeks with Google Adwords Express

My company uses Google Adwords prolifically, well into the 5 digits each year. While it’s not as profitable as it once was, it’s still a profitable way to drive traffic to our imported and private label products we sell direct through our website.

Our Adwords traffic is driven primarily to two different websites and split relatively evenly between the two. To get better granularity and expense tracking, I decided to move one of the sites to its own separate Adwords account.

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