Welcome to episode 2 of this 4-part series where I talk about the sale of one of our most profitable brands – ColorIt.com.

In episode 246, I discussed the motivation behind this particular move – from the reason behind the sale down to the brand’s new owners.

A major cog in the wheel with this sale is a man called Joe Valley of Quiet Light Brokerage. Joe has been instrumental in making sure that I was able to pick the right brand to put up for sale (at one point, I wanted to do away with all of them). His insights and advice helped us boost ColorIt’s saleability even before we put it up on the market.

All the specifics of that are discussed in this episode. If you’re planning to sell one of your businesses at some point in the future, give this one a listen. And tune in to the next episode as Joe and I go into more detail about the preparations involved in the sale.

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