Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve heard a handful of podcasts recorded in the Philippines. You’ve heard from Mia and all our employees, including Abby and Muffins.

If you’ve listened to episode 256, these ladies talked a little bit about their specific responsibilities for EcomCrew. But what distinguishes them from the rest is the fact that they work directly for Dave and me.

So, I wanted to get them back on the podcast and hear their perspective on what it’s like to work on the brand and for the ‘EcomCrew Guys’. Mia didn’t leave the room soon enough so she’ll be making a cameo on this episode too.

Taking the initiative

I’m the type of employer who doesn’t want to micromanage so I value initiative in the members of my team. The ladies had to pick up this skill and hone it while working for the brand and now have confidence and autonomy in their tasks.

First time in Hong Kong

As you all know, I love to travel. I also enjoy it when I’m with first-timers in a favorite city. Hong Kong is certainly that city. Last April Abby and Muffins were able to join us there for the EcomCrew Mastermind and check out the booths in the Global Sources Summit. It was their first international travel and I daresay they both had a great time.

Listen to the full podcast with these awesome ladies of EcomCrew.

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