50 Products You Can Make at Home And Sell Online in 2024

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Kicking off an ecommerce business doesn’t always require a huge capital investment to get it off the ground. There are plenty of products that you can make at home and sell online without big upfront capital.

In fact, selling handmade items online has many advantages. The biggest benefit is the ability to monetize an existing hobby or passion. 

But what homemade products sell the best? We’ve come up with 50 product ideas that you can make at home and sell online.

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50 Easy Things to Make at Home and Sell Online

Each item in this list includes the category that the product belongs to, the average Google search trend in the past 12 months, the search volume and the average revenue in the last 30 days on Amazon, obtained by using Helium’s 10 product research tool.

Additionally, we added a column with the average Best Seller Ranking (BSR) on Amazon which is calculated based on the number of sales of a given product on an hourly basis, as well as current and historical sales. 

CategoryGoogle Trend Rank*Amazon Search VolumeAmazon RevenueAmazon BSR
1Handmade clothingClothing, Shoes & Jewelry3440$3,720426,935
2HandbagsClothing, Shoes & Jewelry7334,570$23,517155,273
3Hair AccessoriesBeauty and Personal Care8153,991$65,49710,528
4CandlesHome and Kitchen40448,322$149,54720,702
5Gift basketsDifferent categories2299,027$75,32730,752
6JewelryClothing, Shoes & Jewelry65381,055$27,218135,756
7IllustrationsArt, Crafts and Sewing8298$13,089291,338
8KeychainsArt, Crafts and Sewing7052,361$26,75133,049
9MagnetsIndustrial and Scientific81210,121$29,9772,843
10CeramicsArt, Crafts and Sewing73961$10,501455,067
11Knitted productsClothing, Shoes & Jewelry20422$28,004195,169
12ScarvesClothing, Shoes & Jewelry495,179$11,540201,514
13Picture framesHome & Kitchen64378,697$171,12886,475
14OrnamentsHome & Kitchen151,863$1,906330,669
15Jar LanternsTools & Home Improvement2816,832$12,258135,326
16Dye FabricsArt, Crafts and Sewing553,150$25,19523,266
17Bath bombsBeauty & Personal Care48144,342$52,38647,835
18PillowsHome & Kitchen83378,898$395,07427,613
19Homemade dog treatsPet Supplies40341$137,62980,483
20Natural cosmeticsBeauty & Personal Care6673$152,12140,377
21AgendasOffice Products671,357$21,00078,912
22Digital ProductsBooks74753$5,537498,394
23CoastersKitchen & Dinning71119,634$12,13912,300
24PhotosHome & Kitchen9111,141$293,29220,310
25PaintingsHome & Kitchen8653,901$15,333220,337
26SoapBeauty & Personal Care9399,076$220,49649,821
27Tote bagsKitchen & Dinning7854,017$56,15425,619
28Personalized GiftsHome & Kitchen3454,175$138,40584,720
29Cake DecorationsToys & Games8513,542$12,70828,813
30Pet AccessoriesPet & Supplies631,230$146,31822,219
31Art PrintsHome & Kitchen855,465$8,318219,236
32PinsArt, Crafts and Sewing9054,111$13,87614,363
33StickersToys & Games90379,905$21,0864,512
34Woodwork itemsTools & Improvement8656$5,990370,962
35Nail AccesoriesBeauty & Personal Care1221,106$59,48824,269
36PerfumeBeauty & Personal Care42170,239$83,77430,325
37BookmarksOffice Products9038,153$5,488108,752
38NotebooksOffice Products55378,409$39,2658,876
39ClipboardsOffice Products6099,014$31,19810,326
40Custom T-shirtsClothing, Shoes & Jewelry67511$77,366408,800
41Handmade DollsToys & Games4093$5,971154,357
42Gadget casesCable Organizer Bags & Cases1041$7551,985
43Gift boxesIndustrial & Scientific2754,147$11,14612,853
44Clay craftsToys & Games59115$24,95724,664
45PlantersPatio, Lawn & Garden57170,243$117,18932,449
46DoormatsPatio, Lawn & Garden683,472$55,73113,715
47PouchOffice Products8712,294$71,97131,144
48Wax meltsHome & Kitchen6398,947$22,81163,899
50BeltsClothing, Shoes & Jewelry8322,235$120,18922,806
*the page shows trending searches entered into Google for the last 12 months. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term while 0 means there is no data for this term.

Top Trending Items to Make at Home and Sell

Here are some suggestions of in-demand products that you can easily make at home.

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The candle industry in the US sells approximately $3.14 billion annually. Candles are easy handmade crafts to make for beginners, and you can get tips with DIY tutorials.

Above all, the profit margin can range from $5 to more than $10 depending on the quality you’re selling.


Bath Bombs and Soap

When considering the beauty industry, there are two popular products that sell like hotcakes: bath bombs and soaps. These handmade items are always in demand, and they can be easily made from the comfort of your home.

The monthly search volume for bath bombs is 144,342 on Amazon and 99,076 for soap according to Helium 10.

This business idea is simple and is a profitable business prospect. The ingredients are also relatively cheap.


Handmade jewelry is also a really popular market and a trending item among online shoppers. Due to the popularity of this industry, the competition is high, and you’ll need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. 

However, the materials for making handcrafted jewelry are also affordable. Although you will constantly have to change your materials and products since the fashion industry is very seasonal.

Paintings and Art Prints

Talented artists also have a space in the online retail space. Traditional art like canvas paintings and other artwork are also among the most popular crafts in the home decor category.

However, art isn’t limited to paintings. There are other ways to take advantage of your art skills. For example, you can design an art print by using a program or by taking a photo. The biggest perk of this business idea is that you can paint a few originals and use print on demand when you sell them.

If this niche is of your interest, don’t miss our episode on How to Start Selling Art Online.

Digital Products

Finally, you can also make money by selling digital products. From font licenses, and event invitations to printable games. If you like graphic design and got skills this is a low-cost idea. 

The biggest advantage of this business is the lack of cash flow demands for digital products and the fact that you won’t need physical inventory.

Final Thoughts

There are many creative and profitable products you can make at home and sell online. From bath bombs to candles, the possibilities are endless. You can start from scratch and build any type of business you have the ability to with whatever skills and techniques you have.

Also, keep in mind that if you choose to sell seasonal products, there has to be a significant increase or decrease in the demand during certain periods.

Do you make products at home that you sell online? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

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