SellerApp Review 2024: Features and Pricing

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Finding the exact math behind Amazon’s algorithm and how they rank their products is still unknown. However, two key factors are crucial when it comes to search results, listing relevance and sales performance. 

There are plenty of Amazon tools out there to choose from, but SellerApp has one of the best features for keyword optimization and creating effective Amazon product listings.

In this article, we’ll review SellerApp’s features and pricing so you can determine if is a good fit for you and your ecommerce business.

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An Overview of SellerApp

SellerApp is a software designed to help online sellers increase their sales and improve their performance on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy.

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SellerApp provides a suite of tools that help sellers optimize their listings, manage their inventory, track their competitors, and analyze their sales data. 

It also offers features such as keyword research, product research, and product tracking to help sellers identify profitable products and trends in the market. 

SellerApp Features for Your Ecommerce Business

SellerApp offers several features that can help ecommerce businesses optimize their sales and performance on e-commerce platforms. These features include the following:

Listing Optimization 

This tool allows sellers to optimize their product listings by analyzing their product title, bullet points, and product description, among others, to improve their visibility and search rankings.

SellerApp listing optimization

Keyword Research

This feature helps sellers identify high-performing keywords that can be used to target their products. It provides insights into keyword search volume, competition, and relevance, enabling users to optimize their product listings for better visibility in search results.

keyword research sellerapp

Product Research

Allows sellers to research and identify profitable products by analyzing sales data, customer reviews, and other metrics.

product research sellerapp

Amazon PPC Management

This feature allows sellers to connect their Amazon advertising account and automates and optimizes campaigns. It provides tools for managing keywords, bids, and ad copy and  tracks performance and makes data-driven decisions.

Amazon ppc sellerapp
Source: SellerApp

Inventory Management 

Helps sellers manage their inventory by tracking their stock levels, setting up alerts for low stock, and automating reordering processes.

Sales Data Analysis

Provides sellers with detailed insights into their sales data, including revenue, profit margins, and best-selling products.

Competitor Analysis

Allows sellers to track the performance of their competitors, including their sales data, pricing, and product listings.

SellerApp Plans and Pricing

SellerApp offers different plans and pricing options for its users, depending on your needs and the number of products you’re looking to manage. 

Like most plans, you can save more money if you choose the annual payment plan instead the monthly one. It starts at $0 per month to $50 per month billed annually.

SellerApp Plans Freemium Plan Pro Lite Plan Professional Plan
Annual $0/month $39/month $50/month
Monthly $0/month $49/month $99/month

The Freemium Plan is great for one big reason – it's free. This plan is suitable for new sellers or those with a small number of products. 

It includes access to basic features such as keyword research, product research, and sales data analysis. However, there are some limitations on the tools. 

You can check some of the differences between each plan in the table below.

SellerApp Features Freemium Plan Pro Lite Plan Professional Plan
Tracking Products Up to 2 products/td> Up to 20 products Up to 50 products
Product Searches 10 product searches per day 1,000 keyword searches + track 20 keywords searches per ASIN 2,000 product searches per day
Keyword Searches 10 keyword searches 1,000 product searches per day 2,000 keyword searches + track 20 keywords searches per ASIN
Advertising and automation $1,000 ad spend per month with automation $5,000 ad spend per month with automation $20,000 ad spend per month with automation
SellerApp Chrome Extension Limited Access Full Access Full Access

On the other hand, the Pro Lite plan and the Professional plan are designed for sellers with more products.

It includes access to advanced features such as inventory management, listing optimization, and product tracking. Additionally, the Professional plan includes access to competitor analysis, sales data analysis, and multiple platform support.

Pros of Using SellerApp

  • A comprehensive suite of tools
  • Offers a free plan
  • Supports multiple e-commerce platforms.
  • Provide tools for managing customer service.
  • Access to a mobile app.

Cons of Using SellerApp

  • The software may have a steep learning curve for some users.
  • The cost of its Premium plans may be a barrier for some small or new sellers.
  • Limited functionality with the free plan.

SellerApp Alternatives

There are several alternative software options available for online sellers looking to optimize their sales on e-commerce platforms. Some popular alternatives include:

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is widely considered to be the leading alternative to SellerApp and other software companies. Unlike SellerApp, Jungle Scout is the preferred choice for novice Amazon sellers, thanks to its cost-effective $29/month plan that provides all the necessary tools to succeed. In our comparison of Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10, Jungle Scout comes out on top in terms of sales and keyword volume predictions.

Helium 10

When compared to other similar platforms, Helium 10 is known for its all-around performance in executing essential functions. It may not be outstanding in a particular aspect, but if you are looking for a reliable tool for your e-commerce tasks, Helium 10 is a suitable option.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is a powerful platform that offers similar capabilities to SellerApp but is geared towards more experienced e-commerce sellers who desire advanced features. It is particularly renowned for its product launch capabilities.


Sellics is a viable option for some, as it has been crafted to assist Amazon FBA businesses in optimizing their operations. However, the distinction is that Sellics places a greater emphasis on asset management and business administration rather than on product discovery and the growth of e-commerce businesses.

Final Thoughts

Overall, SellerApp is a useful software for sellers looking to streamline their operations and increase their revenue. It offers features such as keyword research, product research, and product tracking that can help sellers identify profitable products and trends in the market.

Besides, SellerApp offers a FREE plan, something very valuable for those sellers who are starting and for whom every penny is worth it when initiating an ecommerce business. 

With analytics, tracking, and SellerApp's AI algorithms, your business can be monitored to stay on track and any challenges that may occur can be swiftly and efficiently addressed to keep your business running smoothly.

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