Top 10 Amazon Sellers of 2020

The year of COVID is also the year of the e-commerce boom. Online retail sales in the United States reached an unprecedented five-percent point gain in 2020 and are not expected to go down anytime soon.

In this article, we’ll examine the sellers that dominated the US Amazon marketplace and get to know them better. If you want to be on next year’s list, knowing the best players is a great first step.

Here’s a summary of Amazon’s best sellers of 2020:

Rank Seller Year Launched Niche
1 Pharmapacks 2010 Health, beauty, and wellness
2 AnkerDirect 2011 Consumer electronics
3 EPFamily Direct 2015 Varied (mainly home and automotive)
4 Utopia Deals 2011 Beddings and other home essentials
5 VM Express 2006 Varied
6 Zappos 1999 Shoes and clothing
7 MetroDecor 2015 Organizers and storage items
8 iServe 2013 Varied
9 Decluttr Store 2014 Refurbished tech and secondhand media items
10 Juvo+ 2013 Varied

Sources and Metrics Used

This article will focus on 2020’s top 10 best sellers on, the first and most popular among all Amazon marketplaces.

There are already 18 Amazon marketplaces as of this writing after Sweden joined the list last in 2020. There were supposed to be 19, but the China marketplace has not been in operation since July 18, 2019.

The ranking used in this article is from Webretailer, who also got the data from Marketplace Pulse. It is based on seller feedback, which has been a good indicator of sales volume and overall seller success on the platform.

Take note that feedback is not necessarily directly proportional to sales volume. But because we don’t have the exact sales volume of each seller, feedback is the best metric we’ve got.

We dig deeper into the profiles of the sellers on the list and attempt to determine why they did so well last year. Let’s start with number 10.

Top 10: Juvo+

Feedback 263,765
Niche Varied
Year Launched 2013
Founders Harry Tsao and Talmadge O’Neill
Other Platforms Used Individual brand sites, Target, Walmart, eBay, Google, Overstock, Office Depot, Staples, Macy’s Kroger
Amazon Store Front Juvo+

Art meets science. This is how Juvo+ approaches retail.

Using DaVinci, their machine learning-based analysis engine, the company is able to determine the gaps that exist between customer demand and products currently available in the market. After gathering the data, their team designs products that will meet the needs they determined beforehand.

According to their website, their product development team churns out a new product every 66 minutes. (Talk about efficiency!)

Juvale is one of the brands of Juvo+

Juvo+ is located in three different countries—India, the United States, and China. They have 16 brands in 18 categories.

Their brand Juvale focuses on organizers, decor, and party supplies. On the other hand, Bright Creations features materials for arts and crafts, from fiberboards to mirror tiles.

Top 9: Decluttr Store

Feedback 657,607
Niche Refurbished tech and secondhand media items
Year Launched 2014
Founder Brett Lauter
Other Platforms Used eBay
Amazon Store Front Decluttr Store

Among all the sellers on this list, Decluttr would be the one Marie Kondo can get along with the most.

The company is an advocate of the recommerce revolution. They provide a platform for people to sell their used items. Decluttr then sells them back to buyers in the United States. It makes for more sustainable consumerism.

The company is part of musicMagpie, the UK-based transactional reseller and global recommerce leader.

Top 8: iServe

Feedback 212,331
Niche Varied
Year Launched 2013
Founder David Wright
Other Platforms Used eBay, Walmart, Taobao, Mercado Libre, etc.
Amazon Store Front iServe

“We’re mainly math guys that dove into e-commerce.”

This is how iServe founder Dave Wright described the people in his company during an interview. And with Wright having dual degrees in Accounting and Information Systems, this description is accurate.

Before creating iServe in 2013, Wright spent his professional career in data analytics and technology. He would, later on, use this to create one of the most successful companies that helps e-commerce brands thrive and grow in very competitive marketplaces.

iServe carries the brand Thorne.

iServe deals with brands’ SEO strategies, inventory management, MAP compliance, and packaging design among others. Its technology-based approach allows it to study customer behavior and analyze trends so that the brands they partner with remain on top of their game.

Top 7: MetroDecor

Feedback 181,588
Niche Organizers and Storage
Year Launched 2015
Founder Bob Immerman
Other Platforms Used Walmart, eBay, Target
Amazon Store Front MetroDecor

Solutions with Style.

This Ohio-based company started when founder Bob Immerman got frustrated with the many products he would create that would get rejected by retailers. Out of 20 products, only one would make it to the shelves. So he decided to create a home for the other nineteen.

With over four decades of experience as a designer, Immerman founded MetroDecor with brand name mDesign in 2015. mDesign is a sister company of InterDesign (founded in 1974) and focuses on e-commerce. It features bath and kitchen products but specializes in organizers and storage materials.

Immerman uses a customer-centric approach when designing new products. He looks at sales and how people are responding to previously released items. He always takes into consideration what the consumer wants and needs.

Top 6: Zappos

Feedback 257,925
Niche Shoes and Clothing
Year Launched 1999
Founder Nick Swinmurn
Amazon Store Front Zappos

Just like MetroDecor, Zappos was established because of frustration.

Its founder, Nick Swinmurn, was looking for shoes, but he couldn’t seem to find the right ones. One store would have the right color but the incorrect size while another has the correct size but the wrong color.

But aside from the convenience of having a place to shop for the right shoes, Zappos shines in two important areas—customer service and company culture.

In fact, Jeff Bezos was so impressed with the company that in 2009, he acquired the reseller for $850 million. Its customer-centric approach to e-commerce had a great impact on how Amazon operates today and may have influenced the Amazon Flywheel.

Top 5: VM Express

Feedback 278,577
Niche Varied
Year Launched 2005
Other Platforms Used 15 partners, including Macy’s, Target, and Walmart
Amazon Store Front VM Express

VM Express is a reseller that operates two direct e-commerce channels (Spreetail and VM Innovations) and partners with more than 15 others.

The company’s strong suit is its fast and free shipping as well as customer service. This is made possible because of six strategically placed warehouses and 24/7 customer support.

M Innovations is one of the two direct e-commerce channels run by VM Express.

Those who partner with VM Express will have their Vendor Manager, Marketplace Experts, Merchandising Team Member, and Customer Experience Experts to ensure that the products are sold and delivered fast to buyers.

Top 4: Utopia Deals

Feedback 380,804
Niche Beddings and Other Home Essentials
Year Launched 2011
Founder Jabran Niaz
Other Platforms Used Google Shopping, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Jet
Amazon Store Front Utopia Deals

Excellent customer service and affordable everyday products are the foundations of Utopia Deals.

With over 1400 products available, the company serves various industries including the hospitality, restaurant, and fitness industries. It has presence in eleven countries and five continents.

Utopia Deals focuses on beddings and other home essentials.

Top 3: EPFamily Direct

Feedback 188,454
Niche Home and Kitchen, Automotive
Year Launched 2015
Other Platforms Used Brand websites, eBay, Walmart
Website Unavailable
Amazon Store Front EPFamily Direct

It’s hard to profile EPFamily Direct because there isn’t much information about them online. What we do know is that the company owns various brands in different categories. But their main focus is home and kitchen products and automotive parts.

EPFamily Direct owns the brand Simple Houseware that features storage and organizing products. It also owns EPAUTO, a brand focused on car organizers and automotive accessories.

Top 2: AnkerDirect

Feedback 966,100
Niche Consumer electronics
Year Launched 2011
Founder Steven Yang
Other Platforms Used eBay, Walmart, other partner brick-and-mortar stores
Amazon Store Front AnkerDirect

Steven Yang was a software engineer at Google before he founded Anker in 2011. His goal was simple: create reliable electronic accessories that are cheaper than most trusted brands.

This is why instead of focusing most of his efforts on marketing, Yang put emphasis on research and development. This led the company to develop some of the best affordable accessories and innovations such as the Nebula Capsule:


Anker started selling solely on Amazon, but it has since ventured into other platforms, including its own website.

Top 1: Pharmapacks

Feedback 1,046,023
Niche Health, beauty, and wellness
Year Launched 2010
Founders Andrew Vagenas, Jonathan Webb, Adam Berkowitz, Bradley Tramunti
Other Platforms Used Walmart, eBay, Google Shopping, Target
Amazon Store Front Pharmapacks

Pharmapacks is a reseller that started out as a mom-and-pop pharmacy in the Bronx. Its founders wanted to take the business online, so they sought the help of family and friends for funding. They raised $750,000 and got a warehouse in Queens, New York.

Working with big names such as Listerine, the company continues to sell things you would commonly find in a pharmacy. What changed was the prices and how they were delivered to customers.

According to CEO Andrew Vagenas, they modify their prices every 45 minutes to make sure that they offer the best price for trending products.

Pharmapacks has a lot of products that are Amazon best sellers.

They also deliver their products fast and address listing issues quickly, which is why they have a very high number of positive seller feedback.

What Do the Top Amazon Sellers Have in Common?

After examining the top 10 Amazon sellers in 2020, we figured they have similarities despite having different business models and product niches. So what separates them from others?

They focus on their customers.

Jeff Bezos wants Amazon to be the most customer-centric company in the world. This is why the platform rewards sellers who embody that quality.

From ranking to Amazon badges, customers’ feedback carries great weight in determining a seller’s success on Amazon.

They work well with Amazon.

Pharmapacks co-founder Andrew Vagenas and MetroDecor founder Bob Immerman both said that in order to be successful as a third-party seller on Amazon, you need to work well with the platform.

In a 2020 interview, Immerman said, “Amazon was not the enemy at all; quite the opposite. Finally, I saw Amazon as the most effective way to eliminate friction and efficiently reach the consumer.”

They use data to analyze demand and meet consumer needs.

Numbers don’t lie, and the best way to determine your next move is to analyze them. The top Amazon sellers don’t just rely on hunches when it comes to product development and pricing. They have systems in place to figure out what the best next step is and decide based on data.


This list will change from time to time. In fact, some of these Amazon sellers might not even be in the top 10 as you’re reading this.

If you’re a seller yourself, you have a shot to earn a spot in the 2021 list if you focus on what your customer needs and deliver it to them fast for a fair price.

What are your techniques to ensure customer satisfaction? Are you using specific tools to gather and analyze data? Post a comment below to help other Amazon sellers.

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