It’s Dave doing a solo podcast today. I’ve been giving periodic updates on how my current ecommerce business has been doing so far. Having recently marked two years of owning and running, another update is due.

If you’re new to the podcast or need a refresher, here are quick links to previous episodes in this series.

In this episode, I also let you in on the following:

  • Last month’s revenue (1:23)
  • How it compares to the previous months (1:57)
  • What makes up the $100K revenue (2:57)
  • What my product inventory looks like (4:05)
  • Product development strategies I use (6:32)
  • Having a content website like (14:45)
  • The negatives of running this business (18:04)
  • Do I sell or not? (25:11)


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Till the next one. Happy selling!