Today we are talking about the new policy change from Amazon that impacts product reviews. Amazon announced that they will no longer accept reviews from people who have received the product for free or at a discount.  

For many people who sell on Amazon, the “pay to play” type model was widely used.  While we think it’s a good move for Amazon, we acknowledge that it will greatly impact sellers who use Amazon.

Today’s topics:

  • Possible ways the new policy may or may not affect those who used incentivized reviews in the past
  • How this change may impact our strategies
  • Our plans and new product launch strategies going forward
  • Ways we plan to get reviews under the new guidelines
  • What this policy change means for white label sellers and those just getting started with Amazon
  • How other policies have made doing business on Amazon more difficult
  • The importance of finding other methods besides Amazon to get buyers to your website

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