Episode 51: How to Build Traffic Away From Amazon Part 2

On this episode we continue our discussion on how to move your traffic off Amazon. Last time we discussed the reasons why you should want to move off Amazon.

Today’s topic is SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Now, SEO is tricky stuff and you can get in trouble really quick. We discuss our background in SEO and how to do everything “white hat.”

Topics we covered today:

  • A recap of part 1 of this topic.
  • Grant’s business update.
  • Mike’s business update.
  • Why leaving Amazon is difficult.
  • The struggles of 3PLS and other shipping issues.
  • Why you shouldn’t “black hat” SEO.
  • The usefulness of PPC (Pay Per Click.)
  • The downside of Ebay.
  • Grant’s SEO tips.
  • How you get what you pay for in SEO.
  • Why you shouldn’t expect overnight results from SEO.
  • Why most people don’t understand SEO.
  • Mike’s SEO advice.
  • Why you need to be an expert on your business.
  • Why we emphasize SEO.
  • The role of marketing in your business.
  • Mike’s plans with Wal-Mart.
  • Retail business vs. Online business
  • What to expect in parts 3 and 4.

There are some grey areas with SEO, but hopefully our episode will convince you to leave that stuff alone. This series has been expanded to 4 parts. We will continue to record these episodes on Facebook Live, so if you want like our page on Facebook, you can watch our live streams and talk to us after the episode.

Resources Mentioned During Today’s Episode:




If you have any questions or anything you’d like us to discuss on the podcast please go to ecomcrew.com and fill out the contact form. Also we would really appreciate if you would leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks for listening!

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