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Episode 54: Reaping the Benefits of Holiday Promotions

Hey, it’s Mike again with another solo episode. Grant can’t join us today, but he’ll be back with us soon. Today I want to talk more about ColorIt's holiday planning. The last time I talked about this I talked about our promotions and our discounts. Today I want to share how all that work paid off for ColorIt these last few weeks.

Today’s Topics:
  • ColorIt’s Thanksgiving Sale.
  • Our best sales days during the holiday.
  • ColorIt’s 12 Days of Christmas promotion.
  • Why you should have narrow holiday sales, instead of site-wide sales.
  • My EcommerceFuel talk and their new website.
  • How to get involved with us over Facebook.

So, that’s our super short episode today. Again if you want to catch our live episodes of these podcasts while we record them, then like our Facebook page.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Ecom Crew Facebook Page


12 Days of Christmas Promotion

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