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Episode 61: Growing Your Ecommerce Business Part 2

Welcome back to Ecom Crew! Today we are going to discuss a part 2 about how we plan to grow our business from the bottom line, up. We share what we need to work on in our respective companies. Of course what we want to do tends to overlap with each other’s lists. We discuss what we want to improve and how those improvements will grow our revenue.

Here are some things on our lists and what we discussed:

  • Deciding when to cancel a service.
  • The problem with Skubana.
  • Delegating work that can be done with a process.
  • Why PPC is important to Amazon sales.
  • How to cull your product line.

Today’s main message is your business shouldn’t have to depend on you. Sometimes taking a second look at where your money and time goes is a game changer in your business. We offer  some practical advice on today’s episode, so join us for the conversation.

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