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Episode 62: Brick and Mortar Meets Ecommerce

Hi, Grant here. I am broadcasting solo today, but I have a great topic. I want to talk about brick and mortar business. I have been franchising for around 3 years now, so I have some experience with physical location selling.

Most people consider brick and mortar “old fashioned,” but if you couple brick and mortar with ecommerce something special can happen. Today I’m going to tell you how you can mesh these two business models together.

Here are my points for today:

  • Some of the challenges of doing business out of a brick and mortar location.
  • Why brick and mortar sellers have an advantage over ecommerce.
  • The benefits of running both an e commerce side and brick and mortar side.
  • The kind of people ecommerce attracts.
  • Why I like e commerce.
  • Chris McCabe in Seattle.

There are a lot of opportunities ecommerce and brick and mortar can give each other. Keep your mind open and all sorts of opportunities could come along.  

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Resources Mentioned Today:

Ecommerce Chris

Facebook Page

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