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Episode 64: Preview of Mike’s Upcoming China Trip

Hey it’s Mike here for Ecom Crew! I will be doing a solo podcast today. I’m going to talk about my plans for my upcoming trip to China. I will be attending the Global Sources Show and the Canton Fair. There will be some other visits I’m going to make this time around, but Hong Kong will be where I will spend the majority of my time.

I also talk about our recent promotion on It is working really well for us! We are offering 3 free markers to a selective group of customers. I discuss the offer for those of  you who are curious.

Here’s today’s conversation points:

  • Colorit’s free markers deal.
  • Why I travel to China.
  • The Global Sources Show.
  • My plans to visit Macau.
  • The Canton Fair.
  • Why I’m looking forward to meeting up with my Filipino team.

If you heard last week’s episode then you know we talked about the Global Sources Show. We were able to get a discount code (3ec50) for anyone wanting to go and save a little money. If you are going to be over in China for these events during April 15-22, then let me know and I’ll try to arrange a meetup.

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Resources from today’s episode:

Global Sources Exhibitions 2017

The Canton Fair

Color It

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