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Episode 71: Mike’s Sellers Summit Presentation

Last week, I talked about Sellers Summit. This week I want to talk about the presentation I gave at Sellers Summit. My point in this presentation and this episode is to change your view on getting sales and building an audience. I will share the numbers from my promotions this past year and maybe give you some insight on why they worked. If you take anything away from this episode, it’s this, put the value to the customer first, it will go a long way.

Here’s what I covered on today’s episode:

  • Sellers Summit 2017
  • Why you need to bring your customers value.
  • How building relationships are good for sales.
  • The benefits of email marketing.
  • What is a lead magnet?
  • Our best lead magnets.
  • My advice for offering value to your customers.

To really get the full picture of what I’m talking about, go to our Facebook page. I have some really helpful slides for this episode that you can’t see any other way.

Resources Mentioned:

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