I’m going to take a big bet on the future of ecommerce which will direct how things go over the next few years. Back in 2013, Grant and I purchased a domain name called Tactical.com. We are getting ready to launch the site around the beginning of July. Until then we are offering a promotional giveaway. We are offering an item from 511 Tactical to the people who sign up. Hopefully, this will do two things for the new site:

  1. It will get our name out to the target audience.
  2. It will give us an idea of what sort of products our target audience want.

I have hired a really talented content writer to work on the site. The content is great and we will continue to provide awesome quality content for our customers.

Here are the topics I covered today:

  • Some conferences I will be speaking at over the next few months.
  • Our plans for Tactical.com.
  • My marketing process for the launch.
  • How the 511 Tactical audience is going help us get started.

I mentioned I would be speaking at some conferences. Here is where you can catch up with me.

Ecommerce All Stars — Austin, TX, August 4-5.

Global Sources — Hong Kong, October 17-19.

EcommerceFuel Live — Laguna Beach, CA, January 11-13, 2018.

Resources Mentioned Today:


Global Sources

EcommerceFuel Live



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