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Episode 73: Should You Go All in on Amazon, or Not

On today’s episode we welcome back Dave Bryant. Dave is here for a friendly little debate. We are going to trade views on Amazon. Dave tends to believe you should build your business completely on Amazon, and I disagree. This is a respectful discussion and we both make some really good points.

If you are just starting out in ecommerce, then maybe this episode will help you balance out which approach is best for you. Are you more comfortable basing your sales on Amazon? Or do you want to hedge your bet? There really isn’t a right or wrong answer here, it all boils down to where you want to take your business.

Here are some of the points we discussed:

  • Why I don’t like the idea of “going all in” on Amazon.
  • Dave believes Amazon owns the world.
  • Dave’s reasons for why building on Amazon is a good idea.
  • My reasons for why building on Amazon is a bad idea.
  • Is Google Adwords even worth it?
  • Coping with Amazon’s sudden changes.

As I stated earlier, we are both right, it’s just interesting to get a different point-of-view sometimes.

I want to give special thanks to Dave and our sponsor We have recently switched to, so we can get the most out of our reviews, and they have a really great product. We are proud to partner with them and there is a link below to check them out.

Just a reminder, I will be speaking at some events this year. Here is a list of those events.

  1. Ecommerce All Stars — Austin, TX, August 4-5.
  2. Global Sources — Hong Kong, October 17-19.
  3. EcommerceFuel Live — Laguna Beach, CA, January 11-13, 2018.

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