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August 2017


Episode 84: Rebuilding Another $1Million Brand

Recently Dave posted a blog post on the Ecom Crew website. The post is called Part 1: Rebuilding a $1 Million Ecommerce and Importing Business from Scratch. Getting your own brand up and running has its ups and downs…


Episode 83: Facebook Messenger ManyChat

  Today I’m going to talk about a new avenue of marketing we have found here at Color It. As many Facebook users know, last year the platform pushed for Messenger to be its own stand alone app. We…


Episode 82: Office Space vs Working Remotely

Dave joins me today for a debate. Is it better to have an office space for your company or not? We have slightly different views on this subject. I personally like the professionalism of an office space and warehouse.…


Episode 81: Plans for a New Website

Today I’m really excited to tell you about a domain name we have purchased and all the awesome plans we have coming down the pipe. We have just purchased If you guys remember, we purchased a while…


Episode 80: Incorporating Subscriptions Into the Business

On today’s episode I explain the process of incorporating a subscription into Color It. I also discuss tools and other opportunities our listeners might enjoy. I developed a subscription model for Color It with the subscription fee of $4.99…


Ecomcrew and ChineseImporting are Merging

I have some exciting news – on August 21 will merge with and will continue under the name EcomCrew. Here’s a summary of why this is happening and what is changing. Why the Change? When I started…