E111: Amazon Horror Stories from Real Sellers

This is an episode I wish we didn’t have to record.

Competition on Amazon is getting stiffer and stiffer and some sellers, in order to succeed, use the short cut and employ black hat tactics–killing the business of other sellers mercilessly, if need be.

In this episode we discuss in detail how these black-hat tactics work. I invited three Amazon sellers who actually went through the grueling experience of being victims to competitors who have no moral compass. We are doing this in the hopes that we spread awareness of what is happening, especially since Amazon doesn’t seem to care much.

Below is an overview what we discussed:

  • How Kevin Chen, who sells items in the health and beauty market, fell victim to fake reviews and fake comments on nearly all of his reviews
  • How Chris Nowak, founder of My PPC Pal, got accused of selling counterfeits of a product he developed and manufactured himself
  • Robert Weisberg’s baffling case against Amazon itself (or someone selling via Amazon Vendor Express)
  • How they tried to resolve their cases and how Amazon responded (spoiler alert: they weren’t of any help at all)

Lately we noticed that these black hat practices are getting more and more prevalent. What’s sad is Amazon mostly only cares about buyers and much less about sellers. It seems that they are okay with letting honest sellers lose, as long as they get their commissions.

We want to spread as much awareness as possible about what’s happening, and if we band together, we can make a big difference.

Resources mentioned:

Million Dollar Private Label Pros
My PPC Pal

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Thanks for listening!

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