Our months of hard work have finally paid off! We are happy to announce that the following courses are open for registration:

Build a 7-Figure Product Brand
Import From China Like a Pro

And to kick things off, we have Dave Bryant from literally the other side of the world on the podcast to talk about the course and the carefully curated content that’s waiting for you on the other side.

And if that’s not a treat in itself (you guys know how hard it is to get Dave on the podcast), we’re offering the two courses for the price of just one, for a limited time only.

I don’t want to sound any more salesy than I already do, so here are some conversation points for today’s episode:

  • Update on Dave’s new offroading brand
  • What Dave and I are up to
  • Our shared belief that strict product labeling is dead, and our strategies moving forward
  • The benefits of product differentiation, both in sales and protection
  • Dealing with suppliers and packaging hacks
  • What to look for in a niche
  • Validating products
  • Tips on starting a brand
  • Our respective revenue expectations when first launching a product

This episode is kind of a preview, so many of the things we talk about here are discussed in more depth in our courses. If you’ve bought one of our courses previously, just send us an email at [email protected] so we can upgrade your access for FREE.

Also, we have a lot going on for you in the next couple of months. First off is our webinar on March 6th, which you can sign up for here, if you haven’t already. Dave and I are also speaking at Global Sources in Hong Kong in April, and since we’d love nothing more than meeting new people and discussing all things ecommerce, we are hosting EcomCrew’s very first mastermind on April 21st in Hong Kong. So if you are going to Global Sources and have some free time, we’d love to meet up with you then. Register here!

Resources mentioned:

EcomCrew’s 2nd Webinar
Hong Kong Mastermind
Global Sources

Thank you so much for listening to the EcomCrew Podcast. Until next week, happy selling!