During last week’s episode Matt and I talked about the lowest hanging fruit he can take advantage of as he transitions from a mixed B2B and B2C model to completely B2C.

Matt owns Angle 33, selling wine thermals, beer chillers, and other cool housewares made of concrete. The nature of Matt’s products make it quite difficult to optimize areas like PPC ads, but its uniqueness definitely makes it stand out from the hordes of Amazon products in the same category.

In this episode we continue to talk about the low-hanging fruit he can easily pluck in his transition. We talk about how he can use the uniqueness of his products to his advantage and get around the advertising problem.

Specifically, we talk about the following:

  • Amazon customization and work-reward ratio
  • Email campaigns and getting people into a subscribers list
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Ways to leverage B2B sales to create more B2C sales
  • Social proof
  • Discounts and reviews
  • Product price point
  • Google shopping
  • Product photography
  • Launching on Amazon with a bang
  • Product variations

We’d like to thank Matt again for coming on to the podcast and talking about his business. Don’t forget to check out his cool concrete wine thermals and beer chillers at Angle 33.

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Resources mentioned:

Angle 33
E102: Amazon Product Launch Strategy for 2018
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Under the Hood

Thanks for listening! Until next week, happy selling!