When running an ecommerce company as a side hustle, it’s fine–and most of the time necessary–to wear many hats. But if you want your business to grow to more than just a side hustle, it’s a different story altogether.

This week’s Under the Hood call is about how to stop being the bottleneck to the growth of your own company. My guest is Kevin Sanderson, who started his ecommerce company 3 years ago selling online “just to try it”, experienced the rush of his first sale, and never looked back. Now Kevin wants to level up his business to more than just a side hustle. The problem is, as the business grows, the more things he has to do, and only so little time to do them.

So in this coaching call Kevin and I talk about how he can systematize and, more importantly, delegate low level tasks he doesn’t need to be doing so he can concentrate on business strategy instead. This episode is Part 1 of our call, and we cover the following, among others:

  • How he started in ecommerce
  • His background as a high school football official
  • Biggest contributors to his brand’s success
  • Why meeting other sellers is a great way to grow one’s own business
  • Lowest hanging fruit in terms of delegation
  • Why full-time dedicated VAs are better than project-based or part-time VAs
  • How to find superstar VAs

For Part 2 Kevin and I discuss how to actually delegate tasks to VAs, what to delegate, and what you must need to do yourself. Stay tuned!

Resources mentioned:

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Sellers Summit

Thanks for listening! Until the next one, happy selling.