Hey everyone!

If you went to the EcommerceFuel Live event in January and got shoved a microphone in the face by me, then this is the episode you’ve been waiting for :)

You might have forgotten what transpired during the event (especially if you got drunk during the party) but this episode, with all the snippets I recorded both sober and drunk, will surely remind you what an awesome event ECF Live is. If you didn’t go, I am pretty sure you’re going to want to go next time.

This episode is long overdue considering how long it’s been since January but this is the first time in EcomCrew history that we’re doing something this different. And in light of new and different things, we’re doing something that’s another first: we will be raffling off an EcomCrew mug for those who comment below.

That’s right, just comment anything about the episode down below (for example, let me know if you think Andrew Youderian’s prank is mean) and you get a chance to win an EcomCrew mug, shipped to you for free, anywhere in the world.

Special thanks to Andrew for making ECF Live possible. Make sure to check out this awesome community here. Thanks also to those who put up with me during these interviews, and to the cop who was Andrew’s accomplice. I hope you read this and know you’re awesome :D

Resources mentioned:

E114: Chasing Retail Dreams with Bill D’Alessandro
E95: Growing and Selling Drop Shipping Businesses with Andrew Youderian
E99: An 18-year Ecommerce Journey with Kevin Stecko
E91: Ecommerce Growth and Profitability With Dana Jaunzemis
E94: On the Road with David Couillard: How to Run an Ecommerce Business while Traveling with Family

Thanks as always for listening, let me know if you like this episode, and until the next one, happy selling!