We’re starting a new series on the EcomCrew Podcast today. This series is called Traction, inspired by a book I read recently which had a tremendous impact on me and my business, so much so that I’m applying the principles laid out in the book to my own company. I’m documenting the process in this podcast series so that you and your business could benefit from my experience.

I’ve mostly been an entrepreneur for as far as I can remember. When I was 18, armed with a box of business cards and a pager, I started my own company called Discount Computer Consultants. One of my clients hired me and I got a taste of the corporate life. After that stint I went back to being an entrepreneur and have run various companies since. Through all those years, I noticed that there’s one thing that kept repeating in all the companies I’ve run or been in: as the company got bigger, things just started falling apart.

As I run my current company, I’ve tried my best to avoid the same thing happening especially as we keep on doubling every year. Experience has greatly helped me on this front, but something kept nagging at me and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Until I read Traction.

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business is a business book written by Gino Wickman who developed a practical method for businesses called the Entrepreneurial Operating System, which aims to help entrepreneurs keep their company on track to achieve lofty goals. We certainly have lofty goals for Terran and Traction is already helping us get there.

This episode is the first of many dedicated to Traction. Here are some of the things I discuss:

  • How I started in eCommerce
  • The problems most companies face as they grow
  • Introduction to Traction and the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)
  • The importance of sitting down and writing your company’s core values
  • Our company’s 7 core values and how we came up with them

We’ve slowly began rolling out the Entrepreneurial Operating System in our business and we’re already seeing big improvements. I’ll continue to cover our progress in this series of podcast episodes, and if you have any questions, just comment down below.

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We’re also running another webinar on May 16th where Dave and I will be talking about our Amazon launch strategy. We’ve talked about our strategy many times both in the podcast and blog, but this is the first time that you can ask us as many questions as you like, as we provide ample time for Q&A.

Resources mentioned:

EcomCrew Webinar
Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business (Amazon afiliate link)
E120: Getting Fired From My Own Company
Who Moved My Cheese?

Thanks as always for supporting the EcomCrew Podcast. Don’t forget to post your comments down below to win your EcomCrew mug! Until next week, happy selling.