Greetings from Montreal! In the midst of shooting course videos and planning new content, we sat down to record this podcast. Both of us have considerable experience selling on Amazon and over time we have refined our strategies to be able to derive the best possible revenue potential from the products that we sell.

This episode centers around a checklist of what Mike and his staff do in the days leading up to a product launch and immediately after that. Dave rounds up the discussion and adds his own inputs at the end.

To make things easier, we have broken down the entire process into three phases. So, read on and take note!

Phase 1: What to do before the product goes live

  • Build that perfect listing at the get-go. Create a really great title with a bunch of keywords that you want to rank for (mixing in some long tail ones). Use about 2-3 keywords in the title.
  • Put the start selling date way in the future to allow for sustained sales over a 10-15 day period through the launch sequence timing. This hack also lets you avoid accumulating bad data.
  • Set up Amazon PPC in advance.
  • Airship a dozen units. 10 of which are given to YouTube influencers to help with the actual launch. In Mike’s case, the rest is divided between the offices in the California and Philippines. Promotional videos and images are then created out of these products.
  • Make headline search ads. These require a minimum of 3 ‘like’ products. Product listing ads are usually added at a later date. Data for which products to target are taken from automated sponsored ads campaign.
  • Make sure products are already available for purchase. Once they are, you can then pick a launch date. Terran does this on a Monday so if there’s anything that’s needed to be corrected or fixed, that can be done within the next 4 or 5 days.

Phase 2: Preparing for the product launch

  • The goal is to produce equal results over a 10 to 14-day period. Look at the existing assets for the brand and map that out within this time period.
  • Break up the email list in preparation for running the email sequence for the launch
  • On the launch date, launch a Facebook ad to fans that can also be shared on other social media assets (i.e. YouTube). This Facebook ad goes to a landing page for this new product, so our emails and even ManyChat. This helps build social proof.
  • Start advertising to everyone else.
  • Turn on Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program.
  • Do Amazon Giveaways to get that initial traction.

Phase 3: Sustaining traction after the product launch

  • Send a ManyChat broadcast but at only do so at really opportune moments, like a product launch.
  • After gaining traction on Amazon, you can then focus on directing the traffic to your own Shopify store.

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