Hey everyone! Dave here going solo for this episode. Mike is down with a terrible cold after a couple of Las Vegas speaking engagements, so he might miss the podcast for a while.

For this episode, we’ll uncover the mystery that is Amazon A9. If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, you probably have a basic understanding of how SEO for Amazon works. But with the crazy competition from prominent companies and obscure Chinese sellers alike, how do you really propel your products to the top?

This episode ties in with a recently published article that dives deep on how Amazon A9 SEO works and the strategies to take full advantage of it.

As a sneak peek, here are some discussion points for this episode:

  • How rankings are most often determined by relevancy and conversions
  • What makes a listing relevant to Amazon with respect to keywords
  • What the “hall pass” of new listings is
  • How to create converting listings
  • How to optimize your Amazon product listings

If you want a deeper look at how this all works and how you can apply it for yourself, check out our latest article on advanced Amazon A9 SEO strategies. In the article I share a bunch of advanced SEO tactics for Amazon, strategies even the “courses” won’t teach you.

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Thanks for listening to this episode! Until the next one, happy selling.