I really enjoy doing these Under the Hood episodes for many reasons. I get to ‘pay it forward’ and help people who are just starting or scaling their ecommerce businesses. It’s also interesting to look at what other people are doing in niches that we may not be involved in.

Today’s interview was quite a treat because I got to talk to a medical professional and entrepreneur who has a potentially winning product and strategy in his hands.

Greg, the nutritionist

Greg Williams comes from the unique perspective of someone who not only sells his products but formulates them as well. A nutritionist by profession, Greg works with people who have chronic health conditions like colitis and Crohn’s disease. His journey with food supplements started with a desire to help his wife overcome colitis. After achieving success with this, he saw the opportunity to help more people in an easier and more affordable way by selling his supplements online.

Business profile

Greg started selling his supplements back in 2016 and has enjoyed a steady increase in profit. From initial sales of £5,000 two years ago, his 10 products have now brought in over £100,000 in sales.

The statistics for repeat purchases are quite impressive too. From a base of just under 4,000 customers, his products have a 30% repeat order rate at 1.75% purchase frequency.

Greg’s marketing efforts are heavily reliant on Facebook ads so he is interested in exploring other potential traffic channels. He is also keen on bringing in more of his business into Amazon.

Mike’s advice

  • Don’t push things too much with Facebook to prevent account shut down. Instead, work on your organic rankings. Have a long-term keyword and content strategy. Tap influencers who can promote your product.
  • Create an email sequence to inform customers that products are already available on Amazon. Include a discount on your promotion. Use this to redirect traffic from Facebook.
  • Advertise on Amazon. Start by creating the perfect listing with high-quality images, keywords, and providing as much detailed info as possible. Turn on automatic campaigns with a very high budget and do the aggressive bidding. This strategy will allow you to determine the best keywords to target for manual campaigns.
  • Explore other traffic and marketing channels like Google Shopping ads and Instagram if applicable to your target market.
  • Create a free plus shipping offer to achieve the ‘marketing trifecta’.

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